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Lightning Fast, Top Quality Emergency Towing Services

Just as with any other community, Hamilton’s motorists require emergency towing services. In fact, more times than not the towing service we are called on to provide qualifies as a solution to an emergency type situation. It may be that you’re left stranded in an immobilized vehicle or even have been involved in a car crash (most hopefully a non-severe one), so far as we at Speedy Towing are concerned any situation where towing services are needed suddenly and unexpectedly is considered an emergency. In such cases, getting you back on track ASAP is our goal.

For more info on our emergency towing solutions in Hamilton call (289) 919-0431

Our Bond with the Hamilton Community

As a local company Speedy Towing has a special bond with the community of Hamilton. We aim to provide the people of Hamilton with top class, comprehensive towing solutions, emergency services naturally among them. Since we are based in Hamilton we know our way around and can guarantee a 30 min ETA, a crucial thing in emergency type situations.

We employ top of their field techs who are not only highly professional but also service oriented and bent on providing you with the type of emergency towing services you expect and deserve. If you are in Hamilton and suddenly need towing services, just give us a call, we’ll sort the whole thing out for you even quicker than you could hope for.

Reliable, Quick and Highly Professional

There are three things you want to find in a towing company you call on to provide you with emergency services.

These are reliability, speed and professionalism. Speedy towing has plenty of all three traits and, to top things off, our rates are highly competitive. With Speedy Towing you need not worry if we will deliver on what we promise, we say what we mean and always follow through with perfect execution of what we said we will do.

We know that time is of the essence and so ensure we are the fastest in the business, after all, our name does oblige us so. So far as professionalism goes, it is essential in emergency services type situations. Allowing less than highly skilled, well equipped techs to handle emergency towing is dangerous, plain and simple.

Nonstop Availability

When you need emergency towing services you do not want to have to wonder if the towing services provider you consider calling in is available. With Speedy Towing there’s no need to be concerned, we are available nonstop, 24/7, all year round.

If you need emergency towing in Hamilton, whatever the circumstances and whenever in the day or night it may be, you can count on Speedy Towing to provide you with them. Our honest billing policy and unbeatable efficiency ensure you end up paying less for top class service.

Whatever the Towing Emergency, We Can Handle It

Another important thing so far as emergency towing services are concerned is that you want to be certain the towing service you call in will be able to solve the situation for you. After all, a 30 min ETA is great but if it turns out they can’t tow your vehicle the delay is unavoidable. We at Speedy Towing have the necessary knowhow and gear to handle any and all emergency towing needs.

Among the emergency services we provide in Hamilton are:

  • Off road recovery (AKA “winch” service)
  • Accident removal
  • Towing vehicles left immobilized next to busy roads and hi-ways
  • Towing any type of vehicle in any type of situation. Including heavy, cumbersome vehicles as well as vehicles badly damaged in traffic accidents.
  • Any other emergency towing service you may require

For our emergency towing solutions in Hamilton call (289) 919-0431

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Best Towing service EVER!!!

Really surprised me with their punctuality and professionalism.


Steve Lockerby